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Life en Privée

6-Month Detailed Privée Planner

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Our 6-month planner helps you easily reach your goals by organizing and identifying your next steps into monthly, weekly, and daily objectives. We’ve included motivational quotes to keep you going, plus morning and nightly reflections for your mental health. 

  • Monthly Planning for Finances, Personal Development, Health & Nutrition, Mental Health, and Non-Negotiables. 
  • Weekly Planning for The BIG Three, Accomplishments, Improvement Areas, Professional Goals, Personal Goals, and What You're Looking Forward To.
  • Includes an "At A Glance" layout to organize your weekly schedule
  • Daily Priveé Mornings include 5 prompts to help set the tone for an amazing day!
  • Daily Priveé Nights include 6 prompts to help you reflect on your day and wind-down.