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Life en Privée

The Purity Deck - Devotional Cards for Spiritual Growth

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To help you grow spiritually, so you can increasingly reflect the character of Jesus.

We are called to be set apart—it’s through the reading of Scripture and abiding in Christ that we experience transformation.

A fresh spin on the classic devotional, the Purity Deck contains 60 uniquely structured cards filled with:

  • A Key Verse or Passage of Scripture
  • A Deep Thought for Reflection 
  • Guided Questions for Personal Growth 
  • A Daily Prompt and Prayers  

Our prayer is that as you study these cards, you will be transformed by the renewal of your mind and cultivate a Christ-like spirit. 

What’s Included:

  • 60 uniquely written devotional cards
  • Dimensions/Measurements: 2.5" X 3.5"
  • Earth-toned faux suede pouch engraved with Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)

Who It’s For: 

For the woman who is ready to develop a Christ-like character through the reading of Scripture.

How It Works:
It's simple:

  1. Settle into your private place. 
  2. Draw one card.
  3. Dedicate 10 minutes. 

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