At Life en Privée, we obey the gospel.


Jesus said private prayer is rewarded.

“But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your Father who is in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”



Equipping you with tools and resources to foster connection, closeness, and consistency in your private relationship with the Lord.

MEET the Founder

Beauty isn’t skin-deep, it’s soul-deep. 

As a former full-time lifestyle influencer, Taylor Brown left a unique mark in the beauty industry. Watch one of her videos or read one of her captions and you’ll quickly see there's a glow about her that transcends any beauty standard—it’s because she’s defined by Christ.

Taylor had her biggest "glow up" in her secret place.

By spending intentional moments in private with the Lord, she rediscovered the true source of confidence and beauty—the boundless love and grace received only from the Father.

This time with the Lord might have been private, but the impact was undeniable. Privée is her way of sharing this transformation, encouraging others to create “secret” habits that lead to significant spiritual growth, too.

“When we prioritize these private moments, His presence shines through us, flooding into every aspect of our being. When we beautify ourselves before the Lord, we attract His presence, not just the attention of others. My hope is for you to develop a daily practice of private time with the Lord so you can walk in noble confidence as the dignified woman of God that Christ appointed you to be. ” 


Redefining beauty begins in your private place. 

By embracing the power of the gospel, you will become spiritually confident. Then, every area of your life will be redefined. Our gospel-centered products and resources help women deepen their personal connection with the Lord so they can experience and live out a holy and elevated life.


We invite you to tune out the noise of the world and spend time in the presence of the One who matters most.