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Life en Privée

The Woman of Glory Deck - Devotional Cards for Biblical Womanhood

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To help learn and study the women of the Bible, empowering you to identify and embrace your God-given talents and attributes.

From Esther, who risked her life for her people, to Mary, mother of Jesus, who accepted her call with bravery and humility—these women weren't special because of what they did, but because they deeply loved and followed God. Their strong faith and character show us how to live boldly as women of God, cultivating a strong relationship with our Lord and Savior. 

A fresh spin on the classic devotional, the Woman of Glory Deck contains 60 cards filled with: 

  • Individual Reflections on Women of the Bible 
  • Scriptural Reference and Insight 
  • A Daily Prompt for Guided Prayer, Journaling, or Application

Our prayer is that you use these cards to learn how to live courageously as a woman of God, standing firm in unwavering faith and walking in alignment with His divine plan for your life.

What’s Included:

  • 60 uniquely written devotional cards
  • Dimensions/Measurements: 2.5" X 3.5"
  • Earth-toned faux suede pouch engraved with Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew)

Who It’s For: 

For the woman who wants to embrace God’s standard of beauty and purpose. 

How It Works:
It's simple:

  1. Settle into your private place. 
  2. Draw one card.
  3. Dedicate 10 minutes. 

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