Called for More

Called for More

Embracing a Higher Calling

God's call to His people often involves moving to a higher level. However, answering this call can bring uncertainty and discomfort. It may mean losing friendships, changing careers, or stepping into the unknown. Embracing a higher calling requires us to go beyond what we consider acceptable in our faith journey. We must be willing to be set apart and do more. In times of newness and change, drawing closer to God becomes essential. This blog post will explore the concept of a higher calling and the significance of our response to God's invitation.

James 1:2-4

The Testing of Our Faith:

James 1:2-4 reminds us to consider it pure joy when we face trials and tests of our faith. These challenges serve to refine our character, develop endurance, and cultivate spiritual maturity. As God refines our inner peace and endurance, we should rejoice because He has chosen us to play a greater role in His Kingdom. Our response to God's calling is of utmost importance. Are we willing to answer the call, even when it stretches us beyond our comfort zone? Procrastination, as someone said, is arrogance to God, suggesting that we have unlimited time to fulfill His purpose for us. Let us embrace the opportunities for growth and step into our higher calling with humility and readiness.

Arise and Shine:

Isaiah 60:1 encourages us to rise from spiritual depression and embrace a new life. We are called to radiate the glory and brilliance of the Lord. When we answer God's call, His light shines upon us, transforming our lives and empowering us to impact others for His Kingdom. It is through our obedience and alignment with God's purposes that we experience true fulfillment and purpose.

Isaiah 60:1

Reflecting on Our Actions:

To ensure that our lives reflect and honor God, it is essential to reflect on our daily actions. This week, take a day to meticulously record the tasks you engage in and the time you spend on each activity. This includes details like the songs you listen to, conversations you have, and media you consume during your personal time. At the end of the day, review your task list and ask yourself an important question: Do all the activities I engaged in today align with God's will and bring Him honor? This exercise allows us to evaluate our choices and make intentional adjustments to live in accordance with God's holiness (1 Peter 1:16).

1 Peter 1:16


God's call to a higher level requires us to step out of our comfort zones and embrace new challenges. It is through these tests of faith that we grow in spiritual maturity, endurance, and inner peace. As we answer the call, we must remember that time is a precious resource. Procrastination hinders our progress and disrespects God's timing. Instead, let us respond with humility and eagerness, trusting that God's plan for us is greater than we can comprehend. As we rise and shine in our higher calling, let our lives reflect and honor God in every aspect. May we continually seek His guidance and align ourselves with His purposes, knowing that in doing so, we experience the fullness of joy and fulfillment in our journey with Him.