Don't Back Down, Be Bold

Don't Back Down, Be Bold

Choosing God's Will over Popularity

In a world that often seems ungodly and chaotic, it's crucial for believers to rise up and speak up. In this blog post, we will explore the inspiring story of Esther and learn from her example of choosing God's will over popularity. When God calls us to be bold, we must not shrink back, for if we do, He will choose someone else. Let us remember that following Jesus and speaking up on His behalf is a privilege, and we must not overlook the opportunities He presents to us.

Strengthening Your Faith:

If you desire your faith to be strengthened, you must not back down from opportunities for it to be tried. Obstacles, when viewed through a spiritual lens, become training grounds for our faith. Trusting God as the Lord of our lives allows these obstacles to fuel our faith, knowing that He works all things together for good (Romans 8:28). When we embrace challenges with a perspective of faith, we grow stronger in our walk with God.

Romans 8:28

Esther: A Model of Boldness:

The story of Esther exemplifies the importance of boldness in fulfilling God's purposes. In Esther 4:14-17, Esther is chosen for a critical moment in history. If she had chosen silence and failed to stand up for God's people, deliverance would have come from another place, but she and her family would have perished. Esther recognized the significance of the opportunity before her and was willing to risk her life to fulfill God's calling, even though approaching the king without being summoned was against the law.

Humbling Ourselves and Seeking God's Guidance:

Esther understood the power of humility and seeking the Lord's guidance. She called for a fast, recognizing that she couldn't accomplish this task on her own. By humbling herself and allowing the Lord to work through her, she positioned herself to hear His voice and receive His guidance. When we quiet ourselves before God and allow Him to work in us, miracles happen. Let us be encouraged to do the same, inviting the Holy Spirit to fill us with boldness and direction.

Esther 4

Be Bold for the Lord:

This week, take time to reflect on the areas where the Lord is calling you to be bold and occupy space. Consider what sacrifices are necessary for the Holy Spirit to push you into boldness. Embrace the call to be BOLD for the Lord, following the example of Jesus Himself, who fearlessly confronted the status quo and called people out of their mess with love. Remember that the boldest acts of faith are often birthed out of humble surrender to God's will.

Strengthened faith


In a world that needs the light of Christ, it's crucial for believers to be bold and choose God's will over popularity. Drawing inspiration from the story of Esther, we learn that God calls us for specific purposes and expects us to rise to the occasion. By embracing challenges, humbling ourselves before God, and seeking His guidance, we position ourselves to experience His miracles in our lives. Let us be bold for the Lord, speaking truth with love, and living out our faith without reservation. May our lives reflect the courage and boldness of our Savior, Jesus Christ.