Unassigned Angels

Unassigned Angels

Harnessing the Power of Angelic Assistance

It's time to shed light on a topic we often overlook – angels. God has graciously provided us with countless resources, including these heavenly beings, yet we often fail to fully utilize or even acknowledge their presence. Angels are here to assist us, and it's crucial that we tap into their help.

Hebrews 1:14

Different Assignments for Different Angels:

Angels have diverse assignments and purposes. Some are created solely to worship the Lord in heaven, while others are tasked with aiding us here on earth. There are also angels assigned to assist the Lord in carrying out His divine plans. In Hebrews 1:14, we are reminded that angels are ministering spirits sent by God to serve, accompany, and protect those who will inherit salvation. Once we have received salvation, angels are here to serve us, yet many remain unassigned due to lack of salvation or our failure to ask for their assistance.

God died for our advantage

Partnering with Assigned Angels:

Even as believers, we can actively invite the Lord's help in partnering with the angels assigned to us. These celestial beings are ready and willing to assist us, as long as it aligns with God's will. Throughout the Bible, we find numerous accounts of angelic encounters, showcasing the involvement of angels in the lives of believers. By seeking God's revelation and being aware of the angels He has already assigned to us, we can forge a partnership to access the divine provision He freely offers.

Asking God for Angelic Assistance:

It's vital to ask God for guidance and revelation to unveil the angels assigned to us. We must consciously seek to partner with them and receive the blessings and aid they bring. Just as we fervently pray to bind demonic activity, it is equally essential to acknowledge and discuss angelic activity. By embracing discussions about angels and their involvement in our lives, we recognize their role as powerful allies in our spiritual journey.

Angels will assist you


Let us no longer overlook the presence and purpose of angels in our lives. We have been granted access to these heavenly beings, created to serve and assist us. Through salvation and partnership with our assigned angels, we can tap into the divine provision God has provided. It is time to engage in conversations about angelic encounters, just as fervently as we discuss spiritual warfare against demons. Seek God's revelation, invite angelic assistance, and experience the incredible power and support available to us through these unassigned angels.