When He Finds You

When He Finds You

Embracing God's Call with a Heart of Worship

Discovering how God finds us is a remarkable aspect of our spiritual journey. Throughout history, we encounter countless stories of individuals whom God discovered in unexpected places and circumstances. From shepherds to prisoners, these encounters led to extraordinary destinies. If we only knew what God had prepared for us, our lives would be transformed. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of being ready and prepared when God calls us, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a heart of worship.

Isaiah 6:8

The Power of Preparation:

Consider the lives of David, Moses, and Joseph. These individuals were found by God while faithfully tending sheep or serving in prison. Their stories teach us that God's divine appointments often surpass our expectations. If we truly understood the incredible plans He has for us, we would approach life differently. Therefore, we must continually ask ourselves: Are we ready to be used by God when He calls us? Are we prepared for the extraordinary?

A Heart of Worship:

God yearns to find His people with hearts full of worship, seeking His face above all else. One of my favorite passages, Isaiah 6, beautifully illustrates this truth. I invite you to take some time this week to read this chapter and meditate on its profound message. Notice how Isaiah, even before knowing what God would ask of him, exhibited a heart of repentance and reverence. Isaiah made himself available to God, saying, "Here am I. Send me!" This reveals that our heart posture matters most when God chooses to use us.

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The Essence of Humility:

David, Moses, and Joseph exemplified hearts of service and humility. True worship flows from a place of profound humility before God. As we approach Him with reverence and a willingness to serve, He delights in using us for His purposes. Embracing a humble heart posture becomes crucial as we seek to live lives that honor God. Let us learn from the examples set by these biblical figures and cultivate humility as an integral part of our worship and service to our Creator.

Embracing Exceeding Blessings:

Imagine a life where you genuinely believed that God's plans for you exceed your wildest dreams. How differently would you live? Take a moment to ponder this question. Our week's reflection revolves around the concept of God surpassing our expectations. Consider how your life would change if you truly embraced the reality of His abundant blessings. Would you live differently? Would you prepare yourself differently? If the answer is yes, take intentional steps to identify what you would do and act upon it. God eagerly seeks to bless and use those who are willing to do the work.



When God finds you, it is a transformative experience. Reflecting on the stories of David, Moses, Joseph, and countless others, we see that God's plans for us are beyond anything we can imagine. If we knew exactly what He had prepared for us, we would approach life with a renewed sense of purpose and expectancy. Let us be ready and prepared when God calls us, cultivating a heart of worship and humility. May we continuously seek His face, saying, "Here am I. Send me!" as we embrace the exceeding blessings He longs to bestow upon us.